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We can rapidly scale our support!

We've been working with the Labour Party's membership base since 2010.

When it came to the recent Leadership Election we were able to rapidly scale up the support we offered:

  • 16,000 new joiners in one day

  • 350,000 supporter applicants in 2015

  • millions of payments annually


Helping the No.1 site to stay on top

Having helped millions of people connect with advisers, is the UK's favourite place to find financial advisers, mortgage advisers, solicitors and accountants.

A dedicated customer services team provides professional, expert support to inbound adviser enquiries, while an outbound sales team focuses on acquisition and product growth.

The results speak for themselves: a substantial increase in adviser sign-ups in 2015 and year on year increase in retention rates since 2011.


Cheers all Round!

You work hard to convince consumers to buy your products. But working hard to help the people who stock them can get you even better results.

Tangent Snowball built Carlsberg an incredibly powerful web-based portal that helps pubs and off-licenses do everything from order drinks to create marketing materials - differentiating Carlsberg as a genuine partner they're keen to promote.

Supported by the team at Contact Centre, the portal has helped Carlsberg increase market share, direct new business and boost volume and profit.