The Labour Party

The Labour Party

Website design & build | User experience | CRM | Campaigns | eCommerce

Tangent has worked with The Labour Party’s Digital and Membership team for over six years. We created and developed Campaign Creator - a custom tool for party personnel to effectively manage end-to-end communication with party members, as well as MemberCentre - a proprietary CRM and payment management platform which manages the party’s national membership activity.

With hundreds of thousands of active members, regular bursts of intense activity and multiple points of contact, our easy-to-use digital products deliver against the complexities of a membership-related organisation.

As we know, every vote and every donation counts. Our development and delivery processes were put to the test during the 2015 Labour Party Leadership election. We were able to scale our teams and portals rapidly to meet the demands of over 500k member and supporter applications.

As well as processing thousands of calls and emails through our dedicated membership services team, our bespoke payment platform was able to deliver millions of transactions for new joiners, renewals and donations.