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SAP is the world’s third largest software company. They approached Tangent to build an eCommerce platform for their multi-lingual training programmes. The bespoke eCommerce platform included multiple payment methods, 1000’s of SKUs, user management, a booking engine and a number of complex integrations.

Since go-live, Tangent have been working with SAP to enhance and improve the award-winning SAP learning hub. The platform generates in excess of €50m in sales, 45m visits and 100k transactions every year. The current platform is hosted across 17 servers, 3 continents and is available in over 30 languages.

For over 9 years Tangent has been one of SAP’s most trusted technical and strategic partners. To this day Tangent is one of the only companies in the world to exist within SAP’s internal network and our work spans a range of SAP teams including IT, Marketing, Business and Operations. Our annual development programmes have always been delivered with one goal in mind: to increase customer revenue, to increase customer satisfaction and to reduce operational inefficiencies.