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Tangent loves brands so much, we’ve created our own. is a digital platform that allows customers to create wrapping paper made up from their favourite Instagram, Facebook and camera roll images.

Lots of brands and businesses are looking to invest in social, mobile and the customer experience to engage with the snapchat generation. blends all of these things within a mobile-first eCommerce product.

Built with a mobile-first approach, blends commerce with a seamless user journey to create a truly exceptional customer experience. In just 3 easy steps, customers can create a wonderful personalised and tangible product with content that usually only lives online. We’re currently developing an API to allow 3rd parties to sell personalised wrapping paper.

As well as operating online, partners with some of the UK’s major retailers including Tesco, Selfridges and Topshop on a range of in store and print-on-the-spot initiatives.