Connect, inform and delight your audience with chatbots

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are online services, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence (AI), that interact with people through a conversational interface via text or voice.
You can find them on Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, Twitter or as a pop-out window on a website. They can be used to perform a range of automated tasks, from distributing content to providing real-time customer service.

Use Cases

1. Customer Service

Customers today expect answers to their questions – now. So being responsive 24/7 make chatbots the perfect solution for the 55% of customers shown to abandon online purchases if they can’t get a quick answer to their question.
Got the same customer queries coming up time and time again? Consider a chatbot to provide them with the answers they’re looking for, and free up your customer service team so they can focus on enhancing the overall customer experience, on and offline.

2. eCommerce

Optimising your eCommerce site is key to see your conversion rate go up. But what if you cut the browsing experience altogether and instead provide customers with a channel that guides them through the purchase funnel in a fun and engaging way?
More and more brands are using chatbots to enhance the purchase experience, like Nike’s Coach chatbot, Lego’s Gift Bot or Lidl’s Wine Chatbot. We released a Christmas gift selector bot for Nails Inc and saw a 23% click-through rate from the bot to the website, and a further 53% converting to purchase, which outperformed the site’s average by 13 times!

3. Campaigns & Content Distribution

Bots allow you to connect with your audience on the channels where they are spending more and more time. On average, Facebook Messenger reaches over 1.2 billion monthly users, so you may want to consider conversational experiences in your channel mix to entertain or inform your customers.
For example, the American charity Planned Parenthood created a bot to engage their core youth audience to ask confidential questions about sexual health.

Our creds

We’ve been working with some of the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence to deliver thoughtful yet creative conversational experiences for brands across all sectors. From mapping out the conversational flow to delivering the experience in Google’s DialogFlow or IBM Watson, we can provide you with an innovative product in just a couple of weeks.

Want to chat bots?

If you're interested in finding out more about bots, the process we go through or are looking to get a proof of concept in your team's hands, reach out to us today.