Digital brand and UI

We help companies of all sizes create tangible relationships between brand and user, through unique and ownable motion, interaction and visual design.
Translation of traditional brands
Digital brand is about communicating your brand’s story and presence in the digital space. If this is done effectively, you can create a brand advocate in a customer who hasn't actually converted (yet). Alternatively, years of credibility can be ruined in seconds by poor digital experiences and ill-conceived digital brand strategy. We take brands that weren't conceived digitally and translate them into unique propositions to differentiate them from the competition and form meaningful connections with target audiences.
A guide to all digital touchpoints
How your brand is experienced and displayed varies greatly depending on the device, platform and audience. We help you by creating digital brand guidelines that take into consideration the multiple factors of every brand engagement.
We can help you make a digital brand that is inclusive, enabling users who have visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities to navigate your website or mobile application easily.
Ownable motion & interaction
Within digital brand, how a brand feels is as important as how it looks. Traditional branding was static, but animation, transitions and videos are a core part of today's brand experience. Motion can provide subtle navigation cues, guide interaction, give feedback and greatly improve a user's experience. All of these movements are underpinned by principles as unique as your logo.

Case Studies

Ways we can start working together
Whether you're looking to have a quick digital brand audit or need us to translate a brand that was created without digital in mind, we can help.


Brand and digital language rebrand/refresh


Design system and pattern library development


Ownable animation & interaction


Site accessibility review


Brand hierarchy review


Brand rollout