Support and maintenance

Technology doesn’t stand still. It moves, gets upgraded, retired, and (sometimes) breaks. How do you ensure your investment is securely supported, maintained and futureproofed?

From information security and infrastructure management to bug fixing and enhancements, we’ll support your platform throughout its lifecycle so you can rest easy.
Our service models
You’ll have access to a wide range of technical expertise to support your business at a fraction of the cost.
Our tiered support models provide easy access to everything you need; from technical support and platform maintenance, to product enhancement and optimisation. Specifically designed to suit a range of budgets and requirements, we’ll ensure your product is supported on a resilient technical infrastructure, working hand in hand with your team to protect and optimise your investment.
Trusted partners
We take a collaborative ‘priority client’ approach that helps us build longstanding partnerships, ensuring you have a direct relationship with our project team from day one.
We have over 15 years’ experience designing, building and supporting web apps, websites and native/mobile apps, and our agnostic approach ensures that regardless of tech stack or complexity, we’re confident we can help.
All support and maintenance services are governed by strict SLAs, underpinning our commitment to respond quickly, and our transparent approach ensures there are no hidden costs or prohibitive fees.
Secure, resilient and reliable
ISO27001 accredited for over 10 years, you can be safe in the knowledge that we adhere to best practice processes and methodologies to ensure the security of your application and the data it holds.
We have a flexible infrastructure, with in-house, offshore and near shore technical software engineers supported by our dedicated technical helpdesk.
Our managed services include on-premise and cloud hosting (Aws, Azure and GCP), supporting both greenfield and brownfield applications, as well as on-prem to cloud migrations.
Why do I need support?
Think of it as an insurance policy, but one where you know we’re working behind the scenes to protect and futureproof your investment:
• corrective maintenance: essential to either rectify bugs or enhance performance of the system, improving reliability and UX
• perfective maintenance: needed to support new features and or demands placed on the application
• preventative maintenance: proactive monitoring and prevention of potential security vulnerabilities and malicious intent, including periodic patching across all libraries and services to prevent the application or CMS from becoming out of date
Thinking about the future?
When you’re ready to continue enhancing your product, we’ll have the domain knowledge and ways of working in place to get going quickly. Our enhancements teams use both agile and project/waterfall methodologies, drawing on our expertise in strategy and research, design (UX/UI), development and optimisation to deliver the best possible outcome for your business and customers.

Case Studies

Ways we can start working together
Whether you’ve just launched a new product, you’re facing increasing challenges with a legacy platform, or you simply want to improve the security and reliability of your platform, we’re happy to have an initial chat.


Tiered support and maintenance models


Enhancements and optmisation


Daily health checks, real-time monitoring and alerts


Security, uptime and availability improvements


Software upgrades and patching plans, including CMS upgrades


Penetration testing, load testing, and DR planning


24/7 support, dedicated ITIL helpdesk