UK Power Networks - Customer Satisfaction

With over 8 million domestic and commercial customers, UK Power Networks enlisted Tangent to help transform its digital presence and put customers at the heart of the process.


Requirements: Our three-month discovery phase identified both business and user requirements. This included analysing thousands of comments and survey responses, interviews with all customer segments and gathering business needs from key stakeholders.
Personas: UK Power Networks’ customers range from households looking for a one-off service to commercial builders with an on-going relationship, each requiring specific content and functionality. We developed personas to identify the tasks and goals each group is looking to complete, and how the website could help achieve their objectives.
Customer Journeys: From here we produced an in-depth breakdown of existing journeys, visualising customer interactions and touchpoints. This allowed us to identify opportunities to enhance their journey off and online, setting the vision for UK Power Networks’ optimal customer experience.
We tested multiple navigations with over 200 users through Tree-Jacking, a tool that helped establish the optimal Information Architecture for the site. Based on our findings, we enhanced the preferred route to ensure all content could be found in the fewest clicks possible.


User Flows: Through our Discovery process it became clear we had to provide very different journeys depending on customers’ knowledge and experience with the service - commercial property developers didn't need the same support as a first-time user.
Our solution was to break down each step of the online journey, mapping out distinct customer flows for each group. The flows incorporated logic that identified which form a customer needed to fill out via 3 simple screening questions.
Wireframes: Each of our user flows was translated into interactive wireframes, inputting content to conduct user testing and validate further requirements.
Concepting: Having used mostly dark colours in its previous creative, we injected some vibrancy into the palette, experimenting with the use of iconography, illustration and asymmetric layouts before settling on our chosen design route.
Visual Design: The utilities sector is not known for the quality of its visual design, so our aim was to design a responsive website that is as beautiful as it is useful. This was achieved through a contemporary layout, subtle animations, clear CTAs and a logical content hierarchy.
Style Guide: Our comprehensive style guide outlines the grid, typography, colour palette, CTAs, iconography, paddings and margins. Formalising these key decisions enabled consistency of design both now and in future.

Our customers expect a personalised service that is easy, quick and available round-the-clock. Tangent has been instrumental in testing new ideas and delivering an industry-leading, innovative online journey that is making great steps to improve satisfaction of our customers.
Toni Calder - Marketing Communications Manager

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